So you want to get your work translated?

Notwithstanding my previous post, this blog isn’t really about translation. But having introduced the topic in relation to how researchers may make an impact with their work, I was reminded of a useful resource that I picked up First Edition Translations (a company previous mentioned on this blog in relation to Cambridge publishing).

The resource helps people clarify, through a series of questions, what it is that they require from a translation. It thus forms a good example of a phenomenon this blog has discussed from time to time, namely content marketing — roughly defined as marketing that works, not by telling everyone how good a brand is, but by demonstrating the expertise of the brand through the provision of genuinely helpful content.

Previous examples discussed here include Denmaur Independent Papers and Headley Brothers. First Edition’s tips remind me of a further admirable example of content marketing, namely the Society of Editors and Proofreaders’ advice on how to brief copy-editors and proofreaders. I’ve scanned First Edition’s document – an A5 leaflet doesn’t convert into an A4 PDF ideally, but I hope the download, available HERE, makes sense!

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