Publishing blogs (I): Open Reflections

One of the concerns of this blog has been to establish a canon of publishing texts, as listed (now almost complete) on The Publishers’ Bookshelf above. That, however, consists only of books. What about blogs?

Commonsense suggests that publishing ought to be a rich area for blogging, given its supply of literate people working in a creative, dynamic, environment. In fact, I haven’t found it so. Perhaps the bloggers, or potential bloggers, have all migrated to Twitter, which does seem strong on publishing.

There are, though, some publishing blogs that are consistently rewarding to visit. Over a mini-series of posts, I will review my three favourites. I start here with, as it were, the bronze medal winner, namely Open Reflections.

The blog is written by Janneka Adema, who is a researcher at Coventry University in the UK. Her research evidently focuses on open access publishing. One of the values of her blog is that Adema is good at picking up and relaying things going on in the area of open access – events, commentaries, other researchers’ work, and so on.

However, Open Reflections is more than that. I find it most interesting when Adema roams more widely, examining the scholarly and publishing contexts for open access. She considers such questions as the nature of digital scholarship, archives, and the monograph form. And in the process she introduces a breadth of thinking, informed by sages from outside the publishing world – especially continental philosophers such as Derrida and Deleuze. Walter Benjamin too.

So the blog is intellectually lively. It is visually attractive too, not least because text is frequently juxtaposed with interesting images. Overall, Open Reflections is quite quirky – and I hope if anything it becomes more so. Its interest lies precisely in not being mainstream.


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