Publishing on Twitter (II): language and editing

On 13 June I began a mini-series of posts on the coverage of the publishing industry on Twitter. The first focused on writing and authorship. This second focuses on langauge and editing. By ‘editing’ here I mean copy-editing, as opposed to commissioning or structural editing.

This is an area of publishing that is particularly well served on Twitter. There’s no shortage on accounts worth following. Here, in no particular order, are my top three:

@TheSfEP: This account belongs to The Society for Editors and Proofreaders (UK). Tweets cover linguistic issues (such as grammar and punctuation), the craft of editing, business aspects of editing and freelancing, and the wider commercial context.

@Copyediting belongs to Copyediting newsletter. Its scope is much the same as @TheSfEP, with the difference that @Copyediting comes from the other side of the Atlantic.

@ChicagoManual comes from the Chicago Manual of Style. Of the three accounts featured here. @ChicagoManual focuses most closely on language and the craft of editing. A staple of the account is the tip of the day, providing a nugget from the Chicago’s style guide.

In addition, there are @CambridgeWords and @OxfordWords, both of which tweet a word-of-the-day and so can be useful for extending vocabulary.

I’m worried about posting something on editing, because trained editorial eyes are bound to spot all kinds of slips or inaccuracies in the above. Let me know and I’ll think of it as crowdsourcing.

The next in the series will be on publishers.


3 Responses to “Publishing on Twitter (II): language and editing”

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  2. […] on Twitter. The first post featured Twitter accounts dealing with writing and authorship; the second (30 June) featured those dealing with language and editing; and the third focused on publishing […]

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