The book industry on Twitter: the supply chain

On 13 June I began a five-part series of posts about the coverage of the publishing industry on Twitter. The first post featured Twitter accounts dealing with writing and authorship; the second (30 June) featured those dealing with language and editing; and the third focused on publishing itself. This one deals with the industry supply chain – the links between publishers and the end-user.

The supply chain world consists of warehouses, distributors, wholesalers, library suppliers, sales representatives, export agents, and retailers. It is a world that, I find, contributes little to the liveliness or colour of Twitter. Too many of the relevant accounts are purely promotional.

Some accounts, however, rise above this and provide useful information both about their own services and the industry more generally. Here are my top three.

@garethcuddy: The entrepreneurial Gareth Cuddy is CEO of and Perhaps not surprisingly, Gareth’s Twitter account is a rich source of news on digital publishing – e-book publishing, e-readers, the e-book marketplace, and so on.

@DiscoverBowker does a good job at promoting its own services – its tweets on, for example, services for UK publishers are helpful, rather than merely promotional – but, more importantly, it also helps followers to keep up to date with developments in the book industry more generally, especially digital developments.

@LibraryJournal: the library sector is well represented on Twitter and one of the most useful sources of information is the account belonging to the Library Journal. Tweets cover not only the library market but also suppliers of library product.

The final post in this series will cover IP and the creative economy.


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