Publishing on Twitter (V): intellectual property and the creative industries

On 13 June I began a mini-series of blog posts on the coverage of publishing on Twitter. The series so far has reviewed Twitter accounts dealing with authorship and writing, editing and language, publishing itself, and the book industry supply chain.

This final instalment deals with the wider context – specifically intellectual property and the creative industries. The Twitter accounts I’ve selected are as follows:

@cooperdesigninc: When I survey my Twitter favourites – the messages that I have stored because I have found them particularly helpful – I find that by far the most common source has been this Twitter account, which is owned by Ken Cooper. Mr Cooper is evidently what, in The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell terms a ‘maven’ – someone who is in the know and whose judgment proves trustworthy. Mr Cooper is most clued up on digital technology and social media. Typical of the tweets from @cooperdesigninc that I’ve favourited have been ‘Kindle publishing for blogs’, ‘Six eBook Formatting Tools’, and ‘A complete publishing system on WordPress’. 

@copyrightgirl: This account is owned by Emily Goodhand. Whilst focusing on copyright, this account also provides coverage of other types of intellectual property issues. @copyrightgirl is informative on policy issues – especially, in the UK, the Hargreaves review of IP – and legal judgements, with a good eye for intriguing, salient, or unusual cases.

The above concludes the mini-series, but please feel free to alert me to accounts you feel have been unfairly overlooked.


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