Twitter on publishing revisited: publishing

Last summer (2011) I wrote a series of posts reviewing Twitter accounts that provided useful sources of information on:

  1. writing and authorship
  2. language and editing
  3. publishing
  4. the book industry supply chain and readership
  5. the creative economy and IP.

Twitter doesn’t stand still for long. It is time to revisit and refresh those reviews.

In the third post – on Twitter accounts dealing with publishing – I recommended @jaynedmarks (Jayne Marks, Sage), @nishadoshi (Nisha Doshi, CUP), and @agatamontoya (Agata Mrva-Montoya, Sydney University Press).

Of these, @agatamontoya remains very much a key source of intelligence on publishing. I find her tweets informative, wide-ranging, and entertaining.

Here I would like to add a couple of finds since the previous post. The first is @foliomag. This is the richly informative account of Folio magazine. It has become my number one source on magazine publishing.

The second is @TweeteRR. This is the account of Regine Reincke of REXTRA Projects and Publishing. She tweets in English and in Dutch. @TweeteRR is particularly strong on scholarly publishing.


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