Twitter on publishing revisited: the supply chain and reading

Last summer (2011) I wrote a series of posts reviewing Twitter accounts that provided useful sources of information on:

  1. writing and authorship
  2. language and editing
  3. publishing
  4. the book industry supply chain and readership
  5. the creative economy and IP.

Twitter doesn’t stand still for long. It is time to revisit and refresh those reviews.

I continue to find the Library Journal (@LibraryJournal) rewarding to follow. The account provides tweets not just about the journal’s own content, but also about the wider context of the library world.

Worldreader (@worldreaders) is a not-for-profit promoting literacy in Africa, particularly through the provision of Kindle’s pre-loaded with content. The account tweets not only provides updates of Worldreader’s won activities but also on the wider context of literacy in Africa.

Khaled Noubani (@kynoubani) is a librarian at the American University in Beirut. The account tweets on a wide range of issues concerning not only librarianship and information science, but also publishing, technology, and research communication. The account has the welcome quality of surprise – I always read the tweets with interest because I’m never quite sure what I’m going to find there. That is why, if I have a favorite in this category, @kynoubani just shades it.


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