Twitter on publishing revisited: IP and the creative economy

Last summer (2011) I wrote a series of posts reviewing Twitter accounts that provided useful sources of information on:

  1. writing and authorship
  2. language and editing
  3. publishing
  4. the book industry supply chain and readership
  5. the creative economy and IP.

Twitter doesn’t stand still for long. It is time to revisit and refresh those reviews.

I follow a number of professionals from a range of creative industries, notably architecture (@cymcewan), design, and typography(@JeremyTankard). One of my favourites is @55cards, managed by game designer Brett J. Gilbert. Game design intrigues me – in its own right and for its potential parallels with authorial and publishing processes. The account is pleasantly idiosyncratic, with a strong personal voice.

My account of choice on IP continues to be @copyrightgirl (Emily Goodhand), who continues to provide a great service by tweeting updates on legal cases and policy developments. 


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