Publisher education resource: the work of a production editor

Recently I posted a link to a useful resource for explaining what publishers do – the resource being a short film produced by Random House.

Here is a link to a further resource, which takes the form of a pair of blog posts under the heading “A Day in the Life of a Production Editor”, written by Jim Bessant. To be precise, the link here is to the first of the two posts. 

For a more sustained, detailed, account of what publishers do, please follow  the ‘What does a publisher do?’ series of posts on this blog. The opening post (10 Dec 2011) is here and the most recent (13th) here. The series continues.


One Response to “Publisher education resource: the work of a production editor”

  1. […] I have posted links to publisher education resources. Such links include those on July 3rd, 12th, and 30th. Here’s another one: Publishing Trendsetter has produced a sequence of videos that […]

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