Information 2.0 – a review

Information 2.0: new models of information production, distribution and consumption is written by Martin De Saulles and published by Facet (2012). As the book’s preface explains, the author’s

intention in writing this book is to provide an overview of the digital information landscape and explain the implications of the technological changes for the information industry, from publishers and broadcasters to the information professionals who manage information in all its forms.

The emphasis falls more explicitly on the overview than the implications, which – understandably in a slender book – are left somewhat undeveloped. 

The overview is excellent. The content is organised coherently and logically into four main chapters dealing, respectively, with information production, storage, distribution, and consumption. (By ignoring ‘storage’ the book’s sub-title undersells the book.) 

The style is clear, serious, succinct and, though somewhat colourless, is always adequate to purpose. 

The book may not be perfect: the discussion is light on curation issues (and consequently ‘curation’ does not feature in the index); the chapter on consumption gives little attention to the differentiation of user groups (such phrases as ‘disabled’, ‘inclusive’ and ‘special needs’ are also absent);  and I suspect that the author’s heart was not really in the business of writing end of chapter questions (many are phrased unhelpfully as closed questions, e.g. ‘Does…?’ and ‘Is…?’ rather than ‘To what extent…?).

Yet this is an impressive book: the author’s intention is admirable and he fulfils it successfully. Information 2.0 is a professional in every way – professionally written, professionally published, and well suited to a professional readership.


3 Responses to “Information 2.0 – a review”

  1. Sound very interesting. Unfortunately, at $72.25 for a 143 pages, I’m not going to jump up and order it for myself, so I will have to wait to read it.

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