Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation grant awarded to Anthony Haynes

Author Anthony Haynes has won a grant to enable him to complete educational research in Japan. The grant, administered within the Society of Authors’ Authors’ Foundation, comes from The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation (, which seeks to promote an enhanced appreciation and understanding between the people of the UK and Japan of each other’s culture, society and achievements.

Haynes is researching an education method known as ‘jugyokenkyuu’. The method , known in English as ‘lesson study’, is designed to enable teachers to develop and review model lessons as a way of improving teaching and learning in the classroom. He will use the grant to visit Japan to observe lessons and interview educators. His research will be published in a book on the subject to be published in English.

Haynes commented, “Lesson study plays an important role in helping Japanese teachers to develop their classroom practice. I believe the method has potential for raising standards in British schools too. A book on the subject is much needed and I’m very grateful to The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation for the opportunity to conduct the research that the book requires”.

Previously Haynes has lectured in education in Japan, where he has been a Visiting Professor of Hiroshima University. He has also organised visits of Japanese researchers to schools in East Anglia. He is a director of The Professional and Higher Partnership, a publishing and literary services, and has published five books on education with  Cambridge University Press and Bloomsbury.


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