Monographer writes: I’ve been exploring the world of ‘audience development’ – initially with some cynicism, but now with more open-mindedness. I find that arty people often dislike the notion of marketing, which they tend to associate with Procter & Gamble or Unilever. The phrase ‘audience development’ provides them with a way of talking about marketing politely! So my exploration is motivated by the desire to discover further ways to market our Creative Writing Studies list, which is the artiest thing we do. Anyhow, in searching WordPress for ‘audience development’ I came across this post from Full Houses – a good example of one creative industry learning from another. I encourage you to click on the link to the original post (‘3 things musicians can learn…’) – in turn a good example of how creative industries can learn from others.

FULL HOUSES: Turning Data into Audiences

Mark Knight founder of Right Chord Music in an article 3 things musicians can learn from brands about Customer Relationship Management suggests that CRM efforts all stem from three goals:

  • Identify, attract and win new customers
  • Retain existing customers
  • Re-invigorate relationships with former customers

It is a nice simple way of distilling the market growth challenge, but I feel that it may go a little light on the product and service elements of CRM.

But if an arts organisation just concentrated on systematically achieving these goals alone they would be miles ahead.

I really enjoyed his Bonus Tip: Get Organised.

Just using a spreadsheet to record your customers but segmented into different constituent relationships (relevant for a musician): Artists, Blogs, Labels, Promoters, Publishers and Radio stations.

He then proposes adding the longitudinal dimension that records and defines a relationship – Contacts: : “When, Why and What”

The amount of…

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