Monographer reaches 200: blogging on publishing, the creative economy, and micro-enterprise

By Anthony Haynes

March 19, 2013


Category: reviews


Seems only yesterday that I was announcing the 100th post on Monographer, but WordPress’s statistics show that this is the 200th. Again, then, it’s time to review and preview.

In the 100th post I outlined three aims:

  1. a short-term aim to develop and complete the ‘What does a publisher do?’ (WDPD) series;
  2. a medium-term aim to focus on the development of our own publishing programme, fulfilling the intention (announced in this blog’s initial post) of  ‘constructing a story – perhaps a little the way Michael Barnard did in Transparent Imprint, which tells the story of Macmillan’s New Writing imprint’.
  3. a long-term aim is to convey more forcefully the benefit of placing publishing within the context of the creative economy in general and of exploring parallels with other creative industries.

Well, since then, I have developed the WDPD series. Though not yet complete, it’s not far off.

I did a little towards the medium-term aim – for example, outlining our supply chain to market in Telling the story – though only a little.

I did, I believe, fulfil the long-term aim – for example, in reviews of resources such as The Warhol economy and in the mini-series entitled ‘Learning from other creative industries’, beginning 6 September 2012.

Indeed, it is the posts on the creative industries that I’ve most enjoyed writing. But there is a problem here, which is that generally speaking the page views for those posts are relatively low. So should I continue with them? Heart says yes; head says no. Perhaps a few reviews.


So where next? My plan is to return to that medium-term aim above and to realise it by telling the stories that lie behind publishing decisions.

Though I don’t I especially enjoy writing stories, I have noticed that narrative is the form most readers enjoy most of the time.

I’ve noticed too that posts in the area of librarianship, information science, or bibliography attract attention, especially from librarians – so there will be more in that vein.


Finally, a note on Monographer’s readers. The blog is blessed with some loyal readers who grace it with thoughtful comments. The prizes for regularly responding  go to Kristine Hunt and Propagandum. Thank you for reading, thank you for responding.


3 Responses to “Monographer reaches 200: blogging on publishing, the creative economy, and micro-enterprise”

  1. Congratulations on reaching 200! You have a loyal follower here. (Toronto, Canada)

  2. Happy bicentbloggial day, Monographer! Thanks for thanks …

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