Not the London Book Fair (III): developing an alternative vision

So , as I explained in my previous posts this week, this year I decided not to attend  the London Book Fair but instead to visit Publishing & Media Expo.

What was most valuable about that experience? The opportunity to think broadly and imaginatively.

There were a lot of presentations about such things as brand management and content marketing. A consistent message was that, in most contexts, telling consumers that your soap powder washes whiter than others doesn’t, if you’ll excuse the pun, wash any more.

Instead, brands need to work by association, especially by engaging audiences with useful, entertaining, content. In particular, they need to tell stories. And the stories need to be well, and appropriately, told. One brand manager emphasised, not entirely pretentiously, the importance of a brand’s voice.

Useful, entertaining, content. Stories, well told. Voice: as a publisher I think somehow there’s a role for me (and my fellows) here.

Though I haven’t fully worked out what or how, it’s no coincidence that since Publishing & Media Expo I have, in addition to my publishing, taken on communications roles in two companies – one in talent management and one in  technology.

Content marketing and publishing skills might go together rather well.


2 Responses to “Not the London Book Fair (III): developing an alternative vision”

  1. I’ve noticed this too. Along the lines of its parallel, ‘gamification’, what about ‘publishingication’? OK, not a good word. The concept itself needs the kind of story that speaks languages people understand. Got any ideas?

    • Thank you. As you say, not a good word – but, I think, a new one. Is there some sort of registry for neologisms? I think there is something in this idea (people sometimes tell me that I “think like a publisher”). But I couldn’t say what the definition would be. As a first stab, my suggestion would be “the interface or overlap between editing and PR”. Your turn…

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