Five Tips On How Traditional Media Can Survive In A Mobile Age

Matt Collins’ Blog, which I have recently discovered, has a different focus from Monographer. Matt’s strap line is “A Blog About Mobile Marketing For Those New to Mobile”. Yet there are a number of points of contact between our two blogs – most obviously in relation to my posts on learning from the world of magazines (for example, 16 April). Anyhow, I’m enjoying reading Matt’s blog. I found this post particularly thought-provoking.

Matt Collins' Blog

This past Friday, I learned that authorities had apprehended the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing via’s Live Blog, which aggregated tweets and short updates from reporters, police, and citizens into a single, curated stream. Watching and waiting for the Live Blog to update every three to five minutes made me feel more connected to this news event than any I’ve ever witnessed. I liken it to listening on the radio to a tight playoff baseball game, where the account of every pitch and every at bat can carry enormous weight, and where the uncertainty of the outcome can give even healthy partisans a sense of what a heart attack must feel like.

I’ve watched similar events unfold on television, too. The news of Osama Bin Laden’s death comes to mind. What I remember most about the reporting that followed is staring at an empty podium in the…

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