How to holiday: get out early

By Anthony Haynes

August 8, 2013

Category: Beyond publishing


The fifth of ten posts, published each work day, on the rules I set myself to create a successful holiday. The rules work for me: I hope they’re of some use to readers to. But they won’t suit everybody. You’re v. welcome to let me know how it’s different for you – and what your own rules might be.

My fifth ‘rule’ I owe to my good friend and frequent holiday companion, Gordon ‘Boffin’ Boyd. It is simply this: get out early. Get up, have breakfast, and GET OUT!

Doing so takes the pressure off the day. It permits time for unscheduled events – exploring a promising side street, stopping at an interesting-looking church or inviting cafe.

And it helps to prevent tetchiness and frustration.

A very simple rule but one that works reliably and produces large-scale positive effects.


2 Responses to “How to holiday: get out early”

  1. Also a good point when considering the variable hours that sites may be open while you’re there — more time in the day to visit them and work around schedules. Sometimes the “early bird” also gets discounts. (I am also a fan of lolling about in bed while on vacation, I have to admit — but with young children that doesn’t happen very often any more.)

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