Publishing books via apps for mobile devices

From the outset, we’ve been keen to publish books in a variety of forms. We set up to publish e-books in ePub, PDF, and mobi formats. Pretty soon we discovered our readers wanted our books available in print too. We’ve used a combination of hardback and paperback for this purpose. And we’ve also been early adopters of cloud distribution, in particular by publishing our books on 24symbols’ cloud library.

Now we’ve launched an app, the ‘P & H books’ app. Why publish an app for books?

First, many of our readers – typically lecturers, students, or researchers – work in a variety of settings. They may work at home, whilst commuting, and in various locations on campus (for example, lecture rooms, offices, cafes, and libraries). Making books readily accessible and readable on mobile devices – phones, tablets, and ‘phablets’ – is good for mobile readers who, in many cases (the students in particular!), are enthusiastic adopters of mobile technology.

Second, consuming books on mobile devices is perhaps best suited to reading chunked material (as opposed to sustained, immersive, reading). Much of our content is already chunked.

For example, each of the books in our Professional and Higher Education series presents 53 ideas, each explained in concise form. We’ve published 53 interesting things to do in your lectures, 53 interesting things to do in your seminars and tutorials, 53 interesting ways of helping your students to study, and 53 ways to deal with large classes. Next up will be 53 interesting ways to communicate your research.

Similarly, most of the publications in our Creative Writing Studies series present information in self-standing chunks. For example, Teaching Creative Writing presents 50 practical ideas, each written to make sense in its own right (the reader gains something by reading the book as a whole, but does not need to do so). 

The ‘P & H books’ app is available in app stores for Apple and Android devices. The app itself is free and the books available within it are priced affordably for individuals.



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