Recovery in printing: the new Biddles

Anthony Haynes writes: Last year I wrote a post about the demise of an East Anglian book printing company, namely Biddles (see ‘Lessons from a printer’s demise‘, 4 June 2013). Since then, Companies House (the registrar for companies in England and Wales) has posted a proposal to strike off the company. But now comes what I think is welcome news — a phoenix rising from the ashes, albeit in a somewhat new guide. I’m grateful to Nigel Mitchell for the following post.

Nigel Mitchell writesBiddles is now being run by Nigel Mitchell and Rod Willett as a print management company dedicated to the needs of the smaller publisher. Both Rod and I have vast experience in this publishing environment and combine this with a wide range of industry contacts and a passion for getting the results you want at a price that represents exceptional value for money.

But why use the services of a print manager rather than working directly with the printer?

Our new independence means we are not tied to a specific print supplier and can choose carefully from a wide range of UK suppliers who have the appropriate technology and are dedicated to the demands of smaller publishers.

Every project has its own unique challenges and it’s rare that a single printer has the range of equipment to cover each request with the same level of price competitiveness and service, consequently it’s often difficult for a ‘publisher’ to find the exact fit for the individual needs of each project.

Biddles has the ability to negotiate pricing levels normally associated with much larger publishers, in return guaranteeing the printer a consistency in file submission, technical specification and customer communication.

We also have greater ‘leverage’ with our suppliers ensuring service levels are maintained at the highest levels.

Also, in answer to some of the previous issues raised, our customers are secure in the knowledge that their initial deposits are held independent of the printer and payment only completed when the final product is approved and delivered: hence  our customers money is not at risk from a printer’s insolvency and if the worst were to happen during production our range of suppliers could very quickly pick up the project and complete the books with minimal delay.

Further information is available on the new company website:


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