Denmaur Independent Papers on the choice of paper in publishing: an example of content marketing

Publishers are on the look out for new revenue streams. Content marketing — whereby a business promotes itself, not by telling why their soap suds are better than other companies’, but by telling you some helpful stuff about soap suds and, thereby conveying that they are experts — is on the rise, in part because consumers have developed a resistance to unreconstructed advertising.

Publishing, content marketing: there is a potential marriage here. Content marketing in general requires precisely the skill set that publishers possess or, at least, should possess. Content marketing is, therefore, a potential market for publishing skills.

With that in mind, I’ve been collecting examples of good pieces of content marketing. One example comes from Headley Brothers, as covered in a previous post (‘Effective content marketing‘, 18 Oct 2013).

Another example is an article I came across recently, in the excellent InPublishing magazine. It takes the form of an interview between the magazine’s editor, James Evelegh, and two directors of Denmaur — Julian Townsend and Peter Somerville.

The interview (1) explains why publishers need to review their (often default) choice(s) of paper, (2) provides some examples of good practice, and (3) provides a series of practical tips.

It’s a genuinely helpful article, which makes me feel well disposed towards Denmaur. And it persuades me they know a thing or two, which helps to earn my trust. All of which makes the interview a successful piece of content marketing — especially since I now seem to be, unpaid, amplifying their message.




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