Joy of print procurement

In my post on security management I wrote:

“In our selection of suppliers to work with, we ensure that there is plenty of duplication. It is tempting, once one has decided which supplier is best in class, to send all one’s work in that direction. For example, if a cover designer proves outstanding, it is natural to think, “We’ll ask the designer to do all our covers”. However, such a policy increases the level of operational risk: if the designer were then, for example, to fall ill, that could delay the entire publishing programme. We therefore like to work with more than one of each type of supplier – more than one copy-editor, more than one e-book converter, and so on”.

The same applies to our use of printers for marketing collateral — for example, the our Writing Protocols postcards. But though we use two printers, there is one that’s best in class and, as a result, our procurement decisions are certainly weighted towards them.

The supplier in question is Victoire, who seem to be managing to pull off the very difficult trick of competing on quality, service, and price all at the same time.

They also (to continue the content marketing theme of my previous post) provide helpful online content — for example, factsheets, such as a glossary of print terms — all of which helps to embody their strapline of ‘think print’.

PS No, I haven’t been paid to write this post. 🙂


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