Postcards + content marketing = joy

Previously on this blog I’ve discussed the power of postcards in marketing — specifically for marketing books (‘Why use postcards to market books?‘, 19 Sept 2103).

And I’ve discussed the potential of content marketing — broadcasting your expertise by providing helpful content (for example, Denmaur Independent Papers, 10 Dec 2015, and Headley Brothers, 18 Oct 2013).

Recently, we’ve been bringing these two ideas together. Specifically, we’ve been using postcards to support the work we do mentoring engineers on communications. We’re publishing a series of Writing Protocols on such subjects as developing your style, editing your own work, and using figures. There will be twenty in total.

The postcards are available as PDF’s on our Frontinus website: Frontinus resources.

But PDFs, though better than nothing, don’t really cut it. It’s the print versions that the punters really want. The first time I used one of our postcards as a mentoring resource, I was struck my the mentee’s response. At the end of the session she pointed to the postcard on the table and said, ‘Is it OK if I keep this?’ Since then I’ve found over and over again that people value postcards — provided they’re well produced — in a way they wouldn’t value pieces of paper or PDFs.

Using protocols supports our work on writing development by:

  • providing re-enforcement: we discuss some writing technique in a meeting and then the mentee can take the postcard away and work through the guidance in their own time.
  • enabling short cuts: sometimes basing guidance on one of our protocols saves a lot of speech
  • facilitating word-of-mouth marketing of our services.

The way this last point works is, if the postcard is practical, helpful, and well produced, people tend to keep them in public places where they get noticed — for example, on a desk or blu-tacked to the wall next to a monitor. They also, provided the card is of sufficient quality to produce tactile appeal, tend to pass them around.



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