On group blogging

Recently I started a writing group for doctoral researchers in the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering.

I’ve used our sessions to take my writing in a new direction, rather like going on vacation. My professional writing, editing, and publishing is all rather serious, so I decided to start writing posts for a group blog on football (that is, soccer).

Or, more precisely, on Football Manager, which is a computer simulation game based on soccer.

It’s my first experience of group blogging. The blog, called The Higher Tempo Press, is run by Chris Darwen and features a number of regular bloggers.

My impression is that, in its infancy, the blogosphere consisted mainly of blogs written by individuals, but there has been a long-term trend towards group blogs. If so, I can see why.

Some of the advantages of group blogging are well-known. Each contributor need only write now and then, which takes the pressure off and probably makes for higher quality. And each blogger brings with them their own constituency, which increases the readership for each post.

In addition to these, my experience has brought a couple more. First, I find it boosts confidence. You’re in it together; other people think that blogging on your subject is worthwhile.

Second, you learn from other bloggers: you can adapt their ideas to your own writing.

Overall, I find my blogging is becoming more intertextual – often implicitly: for example, picking up on themes, trying to establish resonances.

I’m wondering, then, whether I should run Monographer’s Blog on more of a group basis. If there’s anyone out there interested in such a development, do please let me know!


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