Books on publishing, revisited

Every time I try to decide which books about publishing I’ve found most interesting or helpful, I change my mind. The Publisher’s bookshelf page above is a living document.

Tomorrow (Tues 6 Dec, 2016) I’m giving a talk in Cambridge on this subject, so the time has come to review my selection.

Here’s what I’ve come up:

  1. Steve Harrison, How to do better work
  2. Elizabeth Currid, Warhol Economy
  3. Tobias Nielsen et al., Creative business
  4. Martin De Saulles, Information 2.0
  5. Michael Barnard, Transparent imprint
  6. Richard Abel & Gordon Graham (eds), Immigrant publishers
  7. Patricia Thornton, Markets from culture
  8. Michael N. Ross, Publishing without boundaries
  9. Scott Norton, Developmental editing
  10. Roberto Calasso, The art of the publisher
  11. Sally Morris et al., Handbook of journal publishing
  12. Irene Hames, Peer review and manuscript management in scientific journals
  13. Jessicah Carver & Natalie Guidry, Rethinking paper and ink

You’ll see that I’ve interpreted the brief loosely: some of the books are about creative industry more generally, or their context, rather than publishing specifically.

Finally, a bonus book: I’m gradually exploring fictional representations of publishing and am currently enjoying Ayisha Malik, Sofia Khan is not obliged. I plan to publish more on this theme in due course.




2 Responses to “Books on publishing, revisited”

  1. I’m very much looking forward to your talk tomorrow! I rather like detective stories set in publishing companies, viz. P D James, *Original Sin*. Is it possible, though, that the sales director might want to kill the finance manager?

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