Making an impact with research: (I) introduction

Anthony Haynes writes: In scholarly and scientific research, there has been a long-term trend towards emphasising the impact that research has beyond research communities themselves.

In the UK, two leading manifestations of this trend have been:

  1. the inclusion of ‘impact’ as a criterion for research evaluation under the Research Excellence Framework — an evaluation that has important implication for the subsequent distribution of research funds;
  2. the requirement by research councils that include a statement on likely impact when bidding for grants for specific projects.

Though views on this trend are distinctly mixed, it is certainly good news for our company, Frontinus Ltd, since it plays to our twin strengths of knowledge about research communication and publishing.

Over the next couple of months we will be publishing here a series of short posts on ways in which researchers can approach the business of impacts — posts designed to provide readers with a competitive advantage.


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