Creatives in profile: interview with Laura Waddell

By Anthony Haynes

July 1, 2017

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Anthony Haynes writes: Monographer has been consistently interested in how to learn from other creatives. And in pursuit of this theme we’ve occasionally published interviews with creatives. And we’ve also provided guidance on how to develop a career in book publishing. So I was interested to come across the following interview, reblogged from Nothingintherulebook, with Laura Waddell, who has worked both as a writer and in publishing. The interview is one of a number published on that blog’s Creatives in profile page.



Laura Waddell writes reviews of fiction, a book column, articles, and short fiction and poetry. She has been in the Guardian, Independent, Sunday Mail, Gutter, Glasgow Review of Books, 3AM magazine, Review 31, and others, while working extensively in literary and translation publishing before joining HarpterCollins as Publishing Manager of Children’s Reference.

Shortlisted as Emerging Publisher of the Year by the Saltire Society in 2016, she is also quite the social media guru – creating a number of innovative literary initiatives such as #ScotEbookDay and #ETeaParty, which was featured as a book marketing success in the book Blogging for Writers.

It is an honour to bring you this detailed interview.


Tell me about yourself, where you live and your background/lifestyle


I work in publishing, and am a writer, and I live in Glasgow. As for background/lifestyle, where to begin? I grew up in Coatbridge, a post-industrial town outside…

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