Guest posts

Monographer is open to hosting guest blog posts. Suggestions or proposals for posts aligned to the Monographer’s purpose and areas of interest – outlined on the About page – are welcome. Note that the blog’s readers include editors, librarians, and Publishing Studies types.

Ownership of copyright remains with the guest contributor: Monographer requires only the right to publish the post on this blog.

Unfortunately we can’t offer guest bloggers any kind of payment. We do, however, expect to include a link in the guest’s by-line to the guest’s own site.

Views expressed in guests’ posts are their own – hosting a guest post doesn’t necessarily indicate that Monographer agrees with the content.

In addition, Monographer is open in principle to publishing interviews with people doing interesting work  in one or more of the areas featured in this blog.

Listing of guest posts

Susan Greenberg, ‘How do you know when it’s finished?‘ (24 September 2015)

Louise Harnby, ‘Editorial freelancing‘ (7 May 2013)

Sally Morris, ‘What doesn’t kill us…‘ (28 March 2013)

Sander Nagtegaal on cloud printing (11 Oct 2012) – a reblog from Gigaom.

Agata Mrva-Montoya on indexing in the digital age (23 Aug 2012) – a reblog from ‘Sydney Publishing‘.

Katheryn Rivas on independent bookselling (2 Feb 2012). 

Stevie Russell and Martina Armstrong on Book Aid (27 Jan 2012). 

Bob Cox-Wrightson on WH Smith (31 Nov 2011).

Bob Cox-Wrightson on independent bookselling (20 Oct 2011).

David Williams on Allen Lane (6 Sept 2011).


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