London Stationery Show: a review

The London Stationery Show is a trade event held annually. I had registered to attend on previous occasions, but pressure of work had always prevented me from actually getting to the show, which is held in Islington’s not unpleasant¬†Business Design Centre (formally the Royal Agricultural Hall).

I was glad that I went. As you would hope, the place was full of visually attractive products, most of which I hadn’t see before. (Memo to self: find where the best stationery shops are.)

One of the benefits was simply gaining an enhanced knowledge of what is available. You know those stylish blank notebooks that have become popular, manufactured by companies like Moleskin? Well, I hadn’t realised quite how many variations are available, nor quite how many companies produce them.

My favourite examples, for what it’s worth, were produced by Leuchtturm1917, some of which looked like classy hardback books.

Similarly I liked the magazine holders (and other forms of storage produced) by Bigso Box of Sweden. Though they’re more expensive than bog standard cardboard or plastic holders, viewed a way of transforming the overall look of an office they strike as quite an economical option.

Another benefit was learning to see somethings anew. Take tape, for example. We all know what tape is, right? Except that Reliable Source present tape not simply as something menial, but as an art form. I didn’t know there were such things as ‘tape artists’ before.

The exhibitor that captured my imagination most, however, was The Paper Library. As they explain on their website:

The Paper Library is a paper resource located in London and in educational institutions throughout the UK, for brands, designers and creatives in industry and education. …[It]¬†provides everyone with the opportunity to touch, feel, engage and discover…emphasising the importance of paper in the design process.


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